Trust & Safety

In this digital age “Trust & Safety” teams are a vital part of our clients Customer
Management infrastructure, working hard to reduce negative customer experience, such as harmful content and online abuse, combat fraud and protect brand integrity.

As a specialist recruitment business within Customer Management, CTS have seen first-hand that “Trust & Safety” is an area of increasing focus for investment across Europe, and the demand for candidates with previous experience within Trust & Safety are higher than ever before.

Trust and Safety is fast becoming a fundamental pillar for digital companies and online platforms such as; social media and dating applications, messaging services, eCommerce websites, or gaming platforms, and is becoming essential to operating within legislation and minimising reputational risk.

Typical roles CTS cover include:
  • Director of Trust & Safety: Leads the entire Trust & Safety operation, setting strategic direction, managing teams, and ensuring platform safety and compliance.
  • Operations Manager / Service Delivery Lead: Oversees day-to-day operations, team management, and performance metrics within the Trust & Safety department.
  • Program Management Specialist: Manages specialised programs and initiatives related to safety, ensuring effective implementation and desired outcomes.
  • Incident Handling Lead: Coordinates responses to critical incidents, such as policy breaches or safety concerns, minimising their impact and restoring normal operations.
  • Chief Copyright Enforcement Officer: Manages copyright compliance by overseeing the proper use of intellectual property in shared content.
  • Chief Product Safety Compliance Manager: Ensures products listed on the platform meet safety regulations and standards.
  • Policy Enforcement Lead: In this role, professionals enforce platform policies, taking appropriate actions in response to policy violations.
  • Experienced Employee Training Specialist: Designs and delivers comprehensive training programs for Trust & Safety team members, enhancing their skills and knowledge.
  • Quality Assurance Lead: Monitors and assesses the quality of content moderation and policy enforcement, providing valuable feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Wellness Site Lead: Supports the well-being of Trust & Safety employees through the implementation of wellness programs and initiatives.

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