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Our Digital Workforce practice is focused on providing the people with the skills that allow our clients to benefit from the insight and efficiency provided by Technology. The right combination of Tech & People is essential in this age of Transformation to gain competitive advantage, and our technology partnerships represents that appreciation of creating best-in-class environments to deliver the best possible customer experience.

A growing number of organisations are driving huge efficiency gains through the implementation of Intelligent Automation (Robotics) and the use of learning-machines and AI to drive a step change in both experience and enhanced understanding of behaviours.

These technologies are enabling organisations to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required a human to perform. Such an operational shift has led to a growing demand for highly skilled technical professionals to develop, sell, implement, and manage systems and ensure they continue to deliver a high standard of service.

CTS is partnered with some of the most innovative and fast-moving organisations across the globe to provide talent in the following areas:
  • Conversational AI Developer: Creates and maintains AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants that engage in natural language conversations to enhance user experiences and streamline communication processes for businesses and organisations.
  • Senior Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Director: Leading the design and implementation of software robots for process automation, they oversee strategic automation initiatives within the organisation.
  • Senior Business Process Architecture & AI Technologies Manager: As a senior manager, they are responsible for designing optimised processes with AI integration to drive operational excellence.
  • Senior Process Improvement Strategist: Guiding the enhancement of existing processes, they devise and implement strategies to increase efficiency and reduce waste.
  • Senior Chat and Voice Bots Specialist: Designs and deploys advanced chat and voice bot solutions, revolutionising customer interactions with cutting-edge technology.
  • Senior Knowledge Management Director: Orchestrates the collection, organisation, and distribution of knowledge, fostering informed decision-making.
  • Senior Digital Voice Innovator: Pioneering the use of digital voice technologies, they lead initiatives that enhance voice interactions and customer experiences.
  • Senior Self-Service Strategy Leader: Crafting strategic self-service initiatives, they empower customers and reduces contact volumes through innovative digital solutions.
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Responsible for overseeing an organisation’s technological strategy and innovation, ensuring that technology initiatives align with business goals and driving technological advancements to maintain competitiveness
  • Head of Telephony: Responsible for managing and optimising an organisation’s telecoms systems and infrastructure, ensuring efficient communication capabilities and enhancing connectivity for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Data Engineer Utilising advanced analytics, they develop and maintain data systems that empower informed decision-making.
  • Senior Product Manager – Contact Centre & Digital: Guiding the evolution of contact centre and digital products and oversees strategic enhancements that elevate customer experiences.
  • Senior Speech & Text Analytics Expert: Extracts valuable insights from customer interactions, driving data-informed decisions.
  • Senior Machine Learning Architect: Leading machine learning initiatives, they shape data-driven solutions that leverage predictive analytics and AI technologies.
  • Senior Behavioural Predictive Modelling Analyst: Applies behavioural analysis to create predictive models, forecasting customer actions and preferences.
  • Senior Digital Interaction Analyst: Uncovers insights from digital customer interactions, enhancing user experiences and informing digital strategies.
  • Senior Smart Routing/IVR & Telephony Infrastructure Manager: Overseeing intelligent call routing and telephony infrastructure, they optimises communication pathways for exceptional customer interactions.
  • Systems and Toolkits, e.g. Blue Prism, AA, UI Path, NICE, Avaya, Salesforce, Verint, Genesys, Cisco.

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