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Here at CTS we specialise in nurturing exceptional connections that drive success through Customer Experience (CX), Marketing, and Customer Success realms. CX embodies the encompassing impression customers form of a company, shaped by interactions across diverse touchpoints, including pivotal interactions within contact centres. Within these contact centres, CX thrives as the sum of every interaction a customer has with dedicated customer support agents. Whether it’s via phone calls, emails, live chat, social media, or other channels, these interactions paint a vivid portrait of a company’s responsiveness, assistance, and overall service quality.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, CX and Marketing are intrinsically linked, forging a symbiotic relationship that elevates brands to new heights. At their core, both disciplines share a fundamental mission: placing the customer at the heart of all strategies. When CX aligns seamlessly with Marketing, a harmonious synergy emerges, reinforcing brand credibility, trust, and loyalty.

In today’s tech landscape, Customer Success is more than support—it’s about fostering strong relationships and ensuring customers harness the full potential of technology. Our mission is to connect your company with individuals who not only understand the intricacies of technology but also possess the interpersonal skills to guide customers towards achieving their goals. Let us be your partner in securing professionals who champion customer needs, driving satisfaction, loyalty, and your tech company’s growth.

Discover how CTS can be your partner in sourcing exceptional talent that bridges the realms of CX, Marketing & Customer Success, below are typical roles we have a network for:
  • Chief Customer Officer (CCO): As a C-level executive, the CCO is responsible for orchestrating a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. This role entails aligning departments, optimising processes, and ensuring that every interaction reflects the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Vice President of Customer Experience: This senior leader oversees the entire CX strategy, managing teams that analyse customer data, create journey maps, and implement initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction. The VP of CX collaborates closely with Marketing to align messaging and ensure consistent brand experiences.
  • Customer Success Director: A senior role responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction, and driving value from the products or services provided. They oversee customer onboarding, engagement, and post-sales support to maximise client retention and promote long-term success.
  • Customer Success Growth Manager: Focuses on expanding the value of customer accounts by identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Senior Customer Journey Designer: Works on creating seamless and enjoyable customer journeys by optimising touchpoints and interactions.
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): The CMO plays a pivotal role in aligning Marketing and CX efforts. In addition to overseeing marketing campaigns, the CMO ensures that messaging, branding, and customer touchpoints are consistent with the desired customer experience.
  • Digital Director: As digital channels become increasingly important, this role focuses on optimising the digital customer journey. Directors lead teams that create user-friendly interfaces, enhance online interactions, and leverage data to improve digital experiences.
  • Head of Voice of the Customer Responsible for gathering, analysing, and leveraging customer feedback and insights to drive improvements in products, services, and overall customer experience
  • Customer Experience Manager: Oversees the overall satisfaction and interaction between customers and a company, ensuring positive experiences at every touchpoint.
  • Customer Experience Consultant: Advisory type role that provides expert guidance to businesses in designing, mapping, and improving customer journeys.

These senior roles play a pivotal part in shaping both the customer experience and marketing strategies of organisations, facilitating seamless alignment between the two disciplines for sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

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