Our MD & Founder, Paul Carter

With a distinguished track record spanning a quarter-century, Paul has established himself as a seasoned figure within the contact centre industry. His career commenced by fielding customer inquiries for a prominent online fashion retailer during his university tenure. This initial experience paved the way for a 7-year journey with an insurance company, culminating in his role as Sales & Services Manager. This position saw him spearhead initiatives in areas such as Management Information, Learning & Development, and Client Project Management. Thereafter, he embarked on a new trajectory, joining a major corporate recruitment agency as part of their Customer Contact division. Here, he undertook responsibilities in mid-senior level recruitment, capitalising on his profound insights into contact centre operations and back-office functions.

Since 2011, Paul has demonstrated his entrepreneurial mettle by founding several enterprises, including a socially conscious recruitment venture. Notably, he steered the growth of a boutique agency spanning four European countries, which expanded to encompass a team of 30 professionals at its zenith. This venture earned acclaim as a leader in the customer management recruitment domain. Paul’s entrepreneurial flair was sparked by a shrewd observation: the absence of boutique agencies attuned to the nuanced skill demands of customer management and its evolving landscape.

Presently, Paul commands widespread recognition as an industry luminary across Europe, earning invitations to serve as a judge for various prestigious awards within the UK and the EU. Beyond his extensive network of professional connections, he has forged strategic partnerships with specialised consultancies. These alliances span critical areas including Planning & Analytics, Contact Centre Technology, Training & Onboarding, Data & Insights, and Change & Transformation. Paul’s client-centric approach adopts a consultative stance; he provides holistic guidance that transcends mere transactional interactions. For example, he acknowledges that addressing skill gaps often necessitates solutions extending beyond conventional frontline advisor recruitment. Consequently, his advisory role encompasses strategic considerations, advocating possibilities such as recruiting digital CX experts, resource planning specialists, complaints/root cause analysts, or an IVR telephony review.

Customer Talent Search

Paul opted to leverage this extensive experience to establish Customer Talent Search, recognising an opportune moment to harness his professional network and innovate by establishing a genuinely referral-based agency. Rather than adhering to conventional methodologies employed by other agencies, Customer Talent Search offers an immediate enhancement to your internal processes by capitalising on its wealth of experience to provide network-driven solutions, thereby avoiding reliance on impersonal cold searches and traditional advertising. This approach effectively fosters a partnership with your HR team, promoting harmonious synergy and active collaboration.

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