Representing a Global Network of Customer Management Executives

We are a European Senior Search agency with a business in the UK and in the EU (Ireland), so can trade across most of Europe.

CTS represents an international network of Customer Management Executives (Perm & Interim), mainly across UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, USA & South Africa. We have a vast network across all industries that have large contact centres and/or customer experience operations. We have professional relations with our connections; that emphasises building trust, fostering collaboration and we maintain long-term relationships for mutual benefit.

We take great satisfaction in our profound understanding of the market in this landscape. Our expertise allows us to provide valuable insights on the nuances of extensive customer operations and the geographical locations of the various entities.

We break the skills for customer management down across the 8 sectors outlined below, which is detailed in Client Services

  • Customer Operations & WFM/MI
  • BPO, Sales & Account Management
  • Customer Data & Insight
  • Customer Experience, Marketing & Customer Success
  • Digital Workforce & Customer Technology
  • Trust & Safety
  • Financial Crime, Remediation, Risk & Compliance
  • Change & Transformation

Representing a Global Network of
Customer Management Executives


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